Façade design with lead consultants, architects and clients

Hiring a façade consultant is guaranteed to add a major improvement in a building’s overall performance. The substantial experience of FEABS personnel accomplishes high-standard output by:

Façade Engineering Services

  • Advising architects about performance strategies, buildability issues, material selections, and cost distribution decisions
  • Concept and design development, including proposal of material options and specifications for performance targets, as per client requirements and design aspects
  • Tender document packs, including layout drawings, system definition drawings, and finalized performance specifications

Façade Engineering Services


 Design review and technical control

To eliminate substandard material selections and incorrect design solutions, FEABS’ intervention proves to be a vital step by:

  • Issuing general guidelines for the submittals of façade contractors after reviewing the architectural specifications, drawings and BOQ for the façade elements.
  • Technical supervision to make sure that the submittals of façade contractors are technically following project requirements
  • Replying to technical RFI’s of façade contractors in coordination with the project architect
  • Reviewing structural studies related to the façade
  • Checking and approving the technical drawings issued by façade contractors
  • Reviewing façade execution method statements
  • Commenting on material submittals
  • Approving the cleaning and maintenance strategies (BMU systems)

Façade Engineering Services


Supervision of façade production and construction

We ensure that the process of construction is executed in line with international norms by:

  • Checking the procurement stage of materials
  • Inspecting raw materials upon arrival to production facilities
  • Technical inspections of the fabrication of façade elements
  • Checking materials delivered to site
  • Monitoring site progress, manpower histograms, and programme planning
  • Examining the façade works site access and maintenance equipment
  • Technical inspection of the site installation
  • Preparing snag lists and de-snagging

Façade Engineering Services


 Third-party façade inspections and evaluation

One of our services is to act as an independent third party for façade related issues including:

  • Independent inspections of raw materials
  • Technical checks of fabricated items
  • Issuance of unbiased reports for executed or under-execution façade elements
  • Using international standards to inspect and report defective façade materials
  • Guidance to proper testing schemes in according to international standards
  • Supervising façade testing and monitoring test reports
  • Technical mediation between client and supplier for disputed façade elements

Façade Engineering Services


Façade engineering with contractors and façade subcontractors

A major role of FEABS is to help contractors and façade subcontractors in delivering complex and high-quality projects by:

  • Assisting façade contractors to prepare bids
  • Preparing the following:
    • Concept and shop drawings
    • Façade structural studies
    • Material lists
    • Fabrication and installation drawings
    • As-built documentation
  • Guidance in procurement and preparation of material submittals

Façade Engineering Services


Façade Building Information Modeling (BIM)

At FEABS, we perform all kinds of façade modeling:

  • Parametric façade families preparation, editing, and implementation
  • Clash detection and coordination
  • Preparation and following BEP (BIM execution plans)
  • Using different software including (Revit, Tekla, Rhino, Grasshopper and Inventor)
  • Preparing up to LOD 500 models
  • Issuance of façade shop drawings, detailed material lists, fabrication drawings, and as-built drawings from the models
  • Use of BIM 360 to coordinate central models online with the clients
  • Rendering


System design and enhancement with system
suppliers and manufacturers

FEABS allows system designers and manufacturers to enhance their systems by providing the following services:

  • Checking weather tightness of the system prior testing
  • Attending testing sessions
  • Providing technical advice about general system performance
  • Checking and reporting thermal performance of systems and providing U-value calculation
  • Checking the structural capabilities of the system as well as proposing solutions and value engineering