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Welcome to FEABS: Façade Engineering and Building Skins

An up-and-coming team of experts, FEABS provides practical, achievable, and elegant façade engineering solutions.

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Practical Building Façade Solutions

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Quality control and quality assurance are vital concerns in every FEABS project. We provide the highest standard of deliverables in terms of performance, durability, and appearance.

Practical Building Façade Solutions



Our design generates the best possible budget distribution across every item in our clients’ projects. We make sure that the right financial, human, and material resources are utilized in the right place, minimizing waste of resources and increasing the value returned from our clients’ investments.

Practical Building Façade Solutions



We understand that different clients have different needs, so we ensure that our design implementation is tailored to fit the exact requirements of a project. Our bespoke work personalizes the specific challenges of every project, all while complying with international norms and standards.



Our substantial expertise in the façade engineering field ensures that the proper materials are selected, correct decisions are taken, and investments are made in the right place, especially in the complex areas of a project. We minimize the risk of incorrect or low performance designs with our detailed consulting solutions.

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At FEABS, we recognize the value and significance of building façades in the appearance and functionality of a structure. That is why our mission is to provide façade engineering solutions that emphasize the aesthetic appeal, energy efficiency, and longevity of buildings while ensuring the safety and comfort of their occupants. Whether it’s a new construction or a renovation, we have the experience and the expertise to deliver a successful and promising project.

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