During 2017, a couple months after buying shares in his previous company, our director secured the engineering scope for the façade works of Al Manaa Tower. The project was the biggest in the history of the company at the time, raising it from a small family business in a small town of Aramoun into an outstanding façade engineering service provider in the gulf until his leave in early 2023.

Al Manaa Tower, a striking 60-story high-rise skyscraper, stands tall in the Cornish street of Doha, Qatar. The tower boasts 168 residential apartments occupying the first 22 floors, and 117 commercial offices from the 24th floor and beyond. Its design fuses tradition and innovation by incorporating Middle Eastern Mashrabiya patterns in an avant-garde irregular tetrahedron structure.

The irregular shape of the building allowed for very few typical areas in the building. The resulting units of irregular shapes increased the complexity of the project. Special attention was given to the panels. Significant work went into their design as they were remarkably distinctive from each other, in comparison to otherwise simple projects with panels that can be similarly replicated for ease. Items included in the project were the double skin curtain wall, catwalks, skylights, specially shaped cladding, balustrades, canopies, doors, windows, entrances, stick curtain walls, and automatic sliding doors. Throughout the project’s entire lifecycle, from the initial concept design drawings to the final handover, director Osama Zubdeh managed the entire engineering works. His leadership overseeing the project ensured its seamless execution.