Art of Living is a luxurious shopping mall in Dubai, U.A.E, specializing in home furniture and accessories. The mall is formed with one basement, a ground floor, two floors above the ground level, and the roof level. The clear height between floors is 6 meters.
The façades are formed of a series of canopies and skylights in different shapes and sizes, high spanning curtain walls as well as six free-forms and media screen walls.


  • Typical skylights;
  • Round glazed volumes skylights
  • Curtain walls
  • Round glazed volume façade
  • Free form structures (types A to F)


  • Façade structural engineering
  • Schematic design drawings
  • Design tender drawings
  • Performance specifications
  • Costing schemes & cost analysis
  • Value engineering
  • Glazing selection
  • Built-ability and durability analysis
  • Building physics
  • Tender stage support