Situated in the vibrant city of Astana, Kazakhstan, the Astana Grand Mosque stands as an iconic, robust, and spacious center of religious devotion. The mosque strategically holds a prominent position within the city.

Designed for a great number of worshippers, the grand mosque is envisioned to accommodate over 30,000 individuals. The architectural layout comprises three floors and includes two primary Haram and Sahan prayer spaces, facilities such as museums and wedding halls, a Quran center, as well as a convenient car parking.

The mosque’s façade was designed with Astana’s extreme climate conditions in mind, which involve intense dryness, high winds, and temperatures ranging from −35 °C to +35 °C depending on the time of year. It was a challenging task for our director, Osama Zubdeh, to design an excellent performing thermal-break system in such a large range of temperatures and generally cold climate — he had previously executed most of his projects in hot weather climates. Nevertheless, the façade was skillfully crafted to withstand these climatic challenges, ensuring the comfort and safety of worshippers.

The mosque’s dome was designed with double curved zinc cladding internally and externally, giving the Haram dome its perfectly structured shape and vibrant yet elegant appearance.