The Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) acts as a main pillar of Riyadh’s transportation system, in conjunction with the Riyadh Metro. The continuing development of the transport infrastructure in Riyadh relies on efficient and well-founded networks of stations and facilities. This project of significant scale was a crucial step in the development of BRT stations, facilities, and connective bridges.

The task of contributing to a reliable transportation system in a great city is no small feat. The aim of undertaking the façade design development of the Riyadh BRT was to develop a comprehensive network of stations that ensures the accessibility and convenience of transit throughout the city. The project was recognized for its importance and reliability, standing as a testament to Riyadh’s commitment to modernizing its transportation offerings. By integrating the BRT system with other transportation initiatives, the city strives to enhance its overall mobility and connectivity, ultimately improving the quality of life for its residents and visitors. Our director, Osama Zubdeh, was involved in the design of each element in the project for 23 bridges and 52 stations.