Located in the heart of Beirut, the Saifi Plaza buildings reflect a blend of functionality and aesthetics. Saifi Plaza I comprises two buildings. Consisting of four basements and six floors above the ground level, the couple offers ample space for various commercial endeavors. Connecting the two buildings at each floor level are stunning panoramic glazed bridges, conveniently accessible and adding a touch of architectural elegance. Similarly, Saifi Plaza II features a single building configuration. With four basements and seven floors above the ground level, it offers a versatile and spacious environment for businesses to flourish.

In addition to the curtain wall façade on the main feature, shop fronts, and bridge, some façade elements included in the Saifi Plaza buildings are the thermally broken steel framed unit clad, external and internal stone panels, cantilever panels, and glazed box panels. Our director Osama Zubdeh was, in person, the façade consultant on the project conducting the checks, inspections, laboratory testing, material selection, shop drawings checks, and finally the snagging and de-snagging of the project.